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Massage for Transgender clients and Gender Affirming Surgery

Feel Safe and Healed

Whether you are transitioning medically or non-medically, the work that is done will support you and the changes that may occur to your body. Hormone therapies may be causing changes to muscle, fat tissue and skin.  New postural patterns may arise as well as changes in energy level and emotional health.

All massage work is provided within a space where you can feel safe and well cared for.  Therapeutic applications are discussed and agreed upon prior to start of treatment. Written consent will be requested for all massage.

Modalities utilized were gained  from my experience working with Oncology and cosmetic surgery patients.  More information about them are  listed separately on this site.

Support for bottom surgery and facial feminization surgery

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and scar tissue revision can be helpful for bottom-surgery graft donor sites and help recovery.  MLD is utilized for relieving post-surgical discomfort for cosmetic surgery.  It is effective and safe for facial swelling and discomfort after Facial femininizing surgery. (FFS)

Breast massage: General or Pre- and Post-Surgical 

  • Relief for chest binding

There can often be increased discomfort in rib and chest muscles. Compression can also create difficulty in breathing. Pre-surgical myofascial release massage can support your body as it prepares for surgery.   


  • Post-surgical relief

Post-surgery Massage Manual Lymph Drainage can help decrease swelling and pain. These techniques can also aid in combating adhesions, puckering, pulling and discomfort.  Please note that  scars will remain, but, the restrictions they cause are lessened. 


Also Client-assisted  Mobilization Techniques after top surgery can restore range of motion and the ability to get back to pain-free functional movement. Please note that if you feel that your skin is beginning to adhere to your chest wall you may also need massage therapy.

  • Post Mastectomy - The Spurgeon Method™

Post-mastectomy massage offers life changing pain relief and healing for patients who are recovering from breast cancer, mastectomy, top surgery, excisions, lumpectomy and other painful breast surgeries.


The proprietary Spurgeon Method™, utilizes a specialized massage protocol, which is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage, bodywork and specific techniques to relieve the chronic pain that often occurs after surgery. A single session can offer profound and immediate results.  Better range of motion, less pain and a generalized sense of relief.


Post-surgical breast massage is an essential component of a modern, comprehensive medical treatment plan.


  • FTM Top Surgery

It is  very similar to having a double mastectomy-except breast tissue is retained to create a desired chest contour. Your surgeon will eliminate the excess skin near the breast area with a flat closure. Your nipples and areola will be repositioned if you have substantial chest tissue. Finally, your surgeon will check if other changes have to be made for you to achieve a natural-looking flat chest.

  • Post-surgery common experiences

Pain, swelling, accommodating surgical drains, scarring and itching at the incisions. As healing progresses possible restrictions of range of motion in shoulder and chest may occur. Postural discomfort from changes may occur.


Therapeutic breast massage is one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy breast tissue and empower persons in self-care.

Massage for Other Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction PFD is secondary to muscle overactivity or under-activity. It is commonly attributed to uterine prolapse, post-surgical scar tissue, repetitive strain or birth trauma. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can result from a variety of causes and develops over time. It  can be urologic, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, neurologic, or psychologic in nature.

Massage of the pelvic floor is done externally and engages the patient in breath work as well as tense and release exercise.  Gentle Cranio Sacral Therapy  techniques are employed and may be done fully clothed.

  • Prior to a massage session…

Attain consent from your FTM/N top surgeon. 

Massage may be done  two weeks post-surgery and after stiches have been removed or dissolved.

The best outcomes for post-surgical massage are in the reduction of pain, increase range of motion and desire to continue self-care. There may be some reduction of scar appearance, often that is not apparent.

When incisions are fresh consult with your FTM/N top surgeon before purchasing any oils, creams or gels. Most work in session is done without oil or lotion. Organic jojoba oil is used on non-surgically affected areas of the body. 

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